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Carrieann Hall, ACE Certified, B.A. Social Sciences, Law, LSUC, Owner, Personal Trainer and Fitness Programmer, NPC Posing Coach/Competitor

Every BODY is different.  Every JOURNEY is different.

Therefore, so must my approach be, regarding each person’s fitness program. That includes you.  If you’re investing in yourself, it’s only fair that I invest in you as well.

After all, YOUR success is MY success!

Because I completely understand the mental game that weight fluctuation may play, I, too, understand the stress & frustration that comes from not seeing those results that you had hoped to see.

From me to you:

  1. I do not judge. I don’t know your story nor any cross you had to bear. What I DO want to know is that you’re ready to make a change;
  2. I have empathy and understanding regarding the frustration you may have felt or may be feeling. I PERSONALLY know that journey all too well;
  3. A complete dietary assessment. It is the KEY factor that will decide our level of success while on this journey together;
  4. Time management and availability to work out; flexibility; because we're coming from Wasilla, Anchorage or Palmer.
  5. Interest in your current stress level, in general;
  6. Answering any concerns, fears, questions you may have regarding weight loss and/or weight gain;
  7. Confidentiality; and finally,


My promise: To be there, every baby step or giant leap, reminding you that you CAN do this!!

Before & was a good workout!!


Get strong together in a smaller group.  You're not doing a fitness program alone yet you still get that one-on-one personal training experience.

Choose the option that works best for all of you:

3 people @ $11.50 pp x 12 sessions  $414.00 

= $138  p/person x 12 one hour "rockstar" sessions

4 people @ $11.00 pp x 12 sessions  $528.00

= $132  p/person x 12 one hour "kick butt" sessions 

What have you got to lose?


Larger groups in a fitness program tend to bring out the competitor in everyone! Lots of energy.  Loads of fun.  Lots of sweat.

Let's get you all started together:

5 people @ 10.50 pp x 12 sessions  $630.00

= $126  p/person x 12 "let's get rid of the fluff" sessions

6 people @ 10.00 pp x 12 sessions  $720.00

= $120 p/person x 12 "Anything U can do, I can do better" sessions